It was dark. It was loud – at times. There was lots of activity. We had to carry water fromSarah and Kathryn - sisters and friends in the Lord the spring. Washing dishes (of which there were not a few!) became a very interesting experience. There were nine children ages 10 and underA picnic in Andrews, NC . Eight young adults. Four adults. But most of all, there was abundant joy and enthusiasm in every heart!

Where were we and what was happening??? ThisThe smaller pyramid... last weekend, we had the joy to host the Stelzl family at our house! After their arrival on Thursday evening,Hannah was having some fun with her camera :) we had an absolute blast getting to know this dear family better, even though we did go over 30 The Great "Nelzl" Pyramid :) (Just in case you haven't figured it out, "Nelzl" is short for a time when the Stelzls and the Neelys are together :)) hours without electricity (caused by a rain storm :))! We filled the precious time with playing games, talking, doing electrical work, 🙂 talking, having aHannah - the famous photographer and photography instructor of the weekend few picnics,  making music, talking, carrying water from the spring up to the house, enjoying delicious meals together (some of which were in the dark :)), talking,  Just a few of the many names on the Moving Vietnam Veterans Wall taking hundreds of pictures, talking, breathing deeply of the beautiful, crisp fall  air, fellowshipping around a bonfire, talking, and many other things. (Do you get the picture of  wJonathan was getting ready to feast on a roasted skinny beast :)hat we did the most of anything?? :))

The glorious symbol of our country - oh that she would return to her God! On Saturday morning, we left our without -electricity house 🙂 and went to view the moving Vietnam Veterans Wall, which was passing  through our area at Hannah Grace and Hannah Grace with Victoria :):)the time. How precious to see list after list of all the soldiers  that willingly gave up  home, family, and future to go to another world and fight so that we, a few generations later, could have those things that they sacrificeThe tower at the top of Brasstown Baldd!! It was an excellent reminder that freedom is not free – Bethany many have fought and died for it on our behalf!

On Sunday evening, we loaded up and drove to Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in GA, forHiking up - Hannah captured the priceless moment beautifully! a refreshing hike and time of fellowship around a picnic supper. When we got to We serve an amazing God!the top, we were greeted by an exhilarating breeze and a clear view of the surrounding mountain ranges. At the excellenWow!!!!!!!!!t suggestion of Mrs. Stelzl, we did something we have never thought to do up there: The team helpmeets - Tina and Darlenewe lifted our voices in one accord in  many a song of praise to our Creator! Songs like “How Great Thou Art,” “Amazing Grace,” “It Is Well Josiah showing us where we had just been With My Soul,” “Trust and Obey,” and many others filled the air and reminded us of the Almighty, Unchangeable, Loving God that we serve! That will stand outJessi in the memories of all who participated for years! Thank you, Mrs. Stelzl, for  the great idea!!

After their departure, we were left with a too empty, too quiet house (though by then the lights were working again :)) but we treaA whole army of young livessure the memories of all that was said and done! We praise thKathryn and Sarah - bundled to match! :)e Lord for opportunities, like this, to be encouraged by sweet fellowship with like-minded believers!