*Editor’s note: I just realized that this never got posted when it was ready a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the delay!


Chef Herman, Kitty, and Lauren Every Christmas we like to iceChef Bethany and Hannah Christmas cookies together. This year we made them early and then froze 'Berty and Kitty them so that they were rCocoa and Belleeady to ice when we finished school and were ready to do it. Kitty made blue, green, red, yellow, and white icing, and Mommy bought us lots of sprinkles to decorate with! Herman, Belle, ‘Berty, Kitty, and I did them allWorking away... THIS IS FUN!!!!! together, and it was FUN!!! I am glad we get to do fun  Mr. Snowman - isn't he cute??! things like that at Christmas time!


The finished product!