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Archive for March, 2010

The Cookie Marathon

Posted by Amanda



A few nights ago, while Mom and Dad were out for the evening, we kids decided to spend our time by having a “cookie marathon,” trying to make as many batches of cookies as we could while they were gone. Soon, butter, sugar, flour, and chocolate chips covered the counters, while each person assumed the role that they would be playing in the grand process. We had the “head chef,” “official dishwasher,” “baker,” and numerous “assistant chefs.” And all total, we mixed up two batches of peanut butter cookies, one batch of oatmeal raisin, and two more of chocolate chip. (We ran out of time to bake them all that evening, so what we didn’t finish was completed on Thursday.) It was an evening of great fun, coupled with a spirit of teamwork that I thoroughly enjoyed. I thank the Lord for my siblings!!

Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”


The Cookie Marathon team members!

Titus Had a Birthday!!

Posted by Kathryn



Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... A year ago the Lord added special blessing #10 to the Neely Team. Titus Peyton has been a blessing and We "helped him" - only he wasn't aware of it at the time :) delight to all during the past year of his life! We celebrated his first Our little angel birthday a few days ago – only he fell asleep right as we were ready to light the candle! He Pretty shiny thing!woke up eventually… and, like a typical one-year-old, greatly enjoyed  demolishing his  special treat! (Enjoy the following pics and pretend that it was you making Is that yummy??!the mess… it’s much He really enjoys his new tricyclemore  interesting that way! :)) We love you,  Titus, and  This is fun! look forward to seeing how the Lord will use you for His glory and to impact others as you conform into the image of Christ!