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Archive for May, 2010

NRA Show – Charlotte, NC

Posted by Jessica



We’d been looking forward to going to the NRA show for a long time. We were there on Friday, May 14, and enjoyed every minute of it!! We all wore hunter-orange logo shirts, advertising for Accurate Innovations. It was a wonderful day, and we would all highly recommend attending one of these shows!

Here are some pictures from the day. 

Waiting in line... 100_4165 Be warned.... two girls on the loose with pistols!!! Intent observers Titus enjoying his new Winchester hatLook out, Herman!! There's a bear behind you!!Mr. Michael McCurry looking over his new Accurate Innovations gun stock Accurate Innovations gun stock for a 500 MDM made of Maple wood -- Beautiful!!Dad and Mr. Wes Chapman representing Accurate Innovations, with Mr. Michael McCurry and his wife and daughter



Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…” (Psalm 133:1)

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35)

Two weekend’s ago, we had the delightful opportunity to experience the love and fellowship of the Stelzl family when we stayed in their home while attending the 2010 NRA Show in Charlotte, NC. The Stelzl’s are a admirable example of a family that works together as a team to bless many through quality time spent in their home. Though we have only known them for a few years, they have become good friends and we are always thrilled with a chance to see them! They made us feel right at home by their gracious hospitality and attention to even the tiniest details (like having a pitcher of water and little cups in our room for middle-of-the-night thirstiness 🙂 ) and made our stay as special as it possibly could have been! One of the highlights for me of our time together was the fellowship and the edifying conversation we shared. On our last morning together, Sarah and I were able to spend an hour and a half on the porch swing reading the Word, discussing what the Lord has been teaching us, and praying. I came away inspired!!

Thank you, Stelzls, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let us come and be encouraged by your love for the Lord and His Church. It was definitely “good and pleasant” to spend time with you!! May you continue to shine your lights so that “men may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

Fixing a yummy breakfast!Two of the wonderful clowns :)David was very attentive to Titus - what a blessing!

The Stelzl Fruit Salads were superb!Mmmmm!Sarah and Victoria made the scrambled eggs for everyone

Sarah and KathrynDavid, Titus, and BethanyWhat a joy to be together!!

 Victoria and BethanyJosiah

For more great pictures of our wonderful stay, visit the Stelzl’s blog!



Ahhh, the satisfaction of completing fourteen years of schooling!!! This past Saturday was a day I’ve been waiting for and dreaming about for many years. And when it had finally come after all that waiting, I couldn’t believe it was here!! Such a hard feeling to describe…

Saturday morning was very busy. We cleaned, prepared, practiced, organized… and enjoyed all of it!! Before people started arriving, Dad and Mom presented me with my diploma… WOW! I know that it is just a credential and doesn’t mean that I’m done learning, but it is a huge milestone and testimony of the Lord’s grace and faithfulness!!

Anyway, friends and family started arriving at 1:45, and the party began! It was a wonderful day of fellowship and visiting with many people we hadn’t seen in a very long time. One of the biggest highlights was having both grandmothers there, which was a big surprise! What a  joy!!

I praise the Lord for all He has done for me… for parents who have willingly taught me all these years, for the wonderful “support group” I have in my family, and for the blessing of completing high school. God is so good! Great is His faithfulness! 

Kathryn decorated the cake100_3937 the diploma Practicing for the program A great punch server! The food was delicious!Cousins and friends ~ the Merck family Visiting with friends~Bethany, Hannah, and Nathan Another gathering of young people100_4066 100_4027 Grandmama Neely and Nana Conn Uncle Fudge and Grandmama came up from South GA ~ it was great to see them! Nana Conn came down all the way from NY for my graduation! How special!! What a huge highlight!!!I think we wore him out!! :-)Cousins ~ Graduates of 2010~ Austin and Jessica

“Sugar Cookie” Granola

Posted by Kathryn



I thought I would share this healthy granola recipe… it has become one of our family favorites, and surprisingly, the “sugar cookie” twist to it resulted from another flop! I made it once and forgot two of the ingredients, and after I pulled Mixing... mixing... mixing. :) it from the oven I was feeling slightly down because I don’t like it when my cooking experiences don’t go well. 🙂 I moved on to something else while it cooled, and expected nobody to really care for this semi-tolerable granola I had just concocted. But suddenly I realized that there were these glowing comments coming from the kitchen about how wonderful it was (amid MUCH crunching, munching, and numerous Mmmmm’s, of course!). Inwardly I was thinking “It’s not really that good; they’re just being nice. I forgot two important things!” Finally, Amanda came right out and said “It tastes like sugar cookies! Kathryn, this stuff is wonderful!” I was thrilled that they liked it, and now it’s MY FAVORITE too!! The special flavorings give it that unique sugar cookie taste. I100_3766 especially love this recipe because it’s super easy to whip up (making it ideal for baking with little siblings – Susanna helped me last time :)) and there’s NOTHING bad for you in it. 🙂 It is extremely filling, and makes a fantastic breakfast, snack, supper, ice cream topping… anytime you need a healthy treat! We often serve it with fresh fruit and yogurt. Enjoy!

Sugar Cookie Granola

2 cups whole wheat flour

6 cups rolled oats

1 cup coconut

1 cup chopped pecans (optional)

1 cup flax seed

1/2 cup water

1 cup oil

1 cup honey

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. coconut extract

1 tsp. almond extract

1 Tbsp. salt

Dried fruit (raisins, dried cranberries, apples, etc.) (optional)

Combine flour, oats, coconut, and chopped pecans in large mixing bowl. Set aside.

Put flax seed in blender and grind into a course powder. Add water, oil, honey, flavors, and salt. Blend for 30 seconds or until well-mixed. Pour mixture over dry ingredients and mix well. Spread on 3 baking sheets and bake @ 200 for 1 hour, stirring every 15-20 minutes. Cool completely. Sprinkle with dried fruit if desired and store in air-tight container.


Like I said, it's usually big hands that get into it! :) This is another one of those “spatula” recipes. You have to keep one close by to swat any little (but usually big) fingers that just happen to find their way to the bowl for a little snitch. 🙂

Austin’s Graduation

Posted by The Neely Team



On Thursday we had the privilege of attending the graduation of our cousin Austin from the Bob Jones Academy. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lot of great family time at his reception. Enjoy the pictures!!

Austin and Jessi - Class of 2010!!!

Congratulations, Austin!! We're glad we could share in your special day!

A special note of encouragement that Austin wrote to his classmates Pleasing both to the eye and to the stomach!!The best invention for serving punch we have ever seen!! Just stick your cup under the fountain!

Austin and Daddy - Buds... BEST BUDS!!A fellow photographer :) (Our cousin Neali - Austin's sister)

We got to see Christina Fisher again - she went to school with Austin.Herman, Berty, and Sunny - great buddies!!

Austin TimothyWe ALL enjoyed the chocolate fondue fountain - Mmmmmm!More yummy food!

Gray and Sommer Wedding!!

Posted by The Neely Team



Musicians :)

Last week we had the privilege of attending the wedding of Heather Gray and RehearsalEugene Sommers. We met the Gray family two years ago at a conference in Nice shot, Herman!! You got the wording on the runner with the bride and groom in the background perfectly!! You're a little photographer in training. :)VA, and have greatly enjoyed getting to know their family better since then. When Heather and Eugene got engaged, they asked us to do the music forHeather and Eugene their wedding. What an honor and a blessing!! We had fun preparing for it, and the wedding itself went wonderfully. It was indeed a lovely portrayal of unity, purity, and love designed by the Giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1). As we watched these two share their first kiss at the altar, we were reminded that God’s way of purity is richly rewarding! He promises to bless 100_3732those who put Him first and are willing to wait for His perfect  timing. We witnessed two become joined as one – a picture of Christ and His bride, the Church. Will we, His bride, be presented  “without spot The Neely Team with the Sommersor wrinkle” at His imminent and glorious appearing? 

We look forward to Isn't birdseed wonderful in the hair?? :)seeing how the Lord will use this couple to bring Him glory as they honor Him with their lives.  Brother and sister of the bride: watching big sister drive away... :(