Life. A common word in our everyday language, but have you ever stopped to ponder exactly what it means?

Perhaps for some, thoughts about life abound in the spring, for that is when the silent, cold, harshness of winter is slowly transformed into scenes bursting with activity, warmth, and beauty. Perhaps when your birthday rolls around each year, you contemplate just how quickly your life is passing. Or maybe you think of life as, for the first time, you cuddle a precious, perfect little baby, or stand by the coffin of a loved one whose life has just been terminated by illness.

Whatever life means to you, and in whichever form you choose to think of it, all life can be traced to a particular source – a common denominator – which can be encountered with almost no effort. The greatest tragedy of the ages is that many spend their days without ever discovering this vital center, the very essence of why they exist. But the evidence is all around them!

The meaning of life is found in the Author of Life, the Almighty One Who spoke it into existence, gave His own life for the sake of those who were dying, conquered death by coming back to life, and even now sustains the life that is within every living thing! “For in him we live, and move, and have our being…” (Acts 17:28) During His life on earth, Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (John 14:6) He alone holds the key to life eternal, as well the purpose for which we are here.

Have you ever thought of life from God’s perspective? For instance, when you think of human life, do you realize that, because it was created by God, it is sacred and a gift from Him? How often we violate this truth! It should make our hearts burn with anguish when we hear and witness how our wayward culture seeks to thwart life, which is so immensely precious, beautiful, and valued by our God! Do we realize that it is our pride that has caused us to devise every sort of biomedical nightmare imaginable to destroy what God has sanctified, because we view it as inconvenient, expensive, or “our right?” Life must be defended. When we try to manipulate or annihilate the blessing of life, we are unconsciously destroying ourselves and rejecting one of greatest gifts God has given to man.

Scripture is also clear that the words we speak communicate either death or life to the hearers. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21) From this verse we can clearly perceive that the words we say in everyday conversation are tremendously puissant. Can you recall a time that you have been deeply hurt by a careless comment, a cutting joke, or the slicing sarcasm in someone’s tone? The force of their spoken words is obvious from the sting you might still feel at the memory. But the best news of all is that positive, uplifting words are even more compelling, because the power of an almighty, loving, compassionate God is behind them. Some of the noblest deeds in history have been possible simply because the doer of them was inspired by a kind word of encouragement. I am sure you can testify that, in the past, when someone has paused with a thoughtful word for you in the midst of a difficult project, you returned to it with greater enthusiasm and excitement than ever before! Words like these are refreshing, more so than a cup of cool water in the scorching heat of summer. Make it your goal to use your lips to be communicator of life – a fountain of blessing and inspiration. You can never know the lasting results they might have!

The greatest aspect of life, however, can be traced to the moment when an individual decides to take Christ’s death for sin, the ultimate payment, as his own, repents of his sin, and receives the sure promise of eternal life someday in Heaven. At this point, abundant life is imparted to the new believer, meaning that he is given a purpose and a special meaning for which to devote his entire being! Now on this journey, often known as the Christian Life, this individual can and must come daily to Jesus for the renewal of this life, which He has promised to bestow when earnestly sought for. This hidden energy should then be showered upon others – a living manifestation of the love, goodness, grace, power, and working of God.

As you go about your everyday duties, take a moment to contemplate your life, and then pause to acknowledge the Giver of Life and praise Him for the blessings He so richly lavishes on you, His beloved creation.

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)