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Archive for February, 2011

Judas and the Door

Posted by Amanda



Jesus said, "I am the Door."

While we know that it was God’s sovereign plan for Jesus to die for our sins, and that some will be saved while others reject Christ, we also have to recognize that we are responsible for our decisions. Although God planned every detail of the world, Judas wasn’t forced to choose to betray Christ, and his story should be a fearful warning to those who think they can live in their own strength.


A chosen few were picked by God

To walk beside His Son on Earth,

But one man of the honored twelve,

Refused to see the Savior’s worth.

What went through the schemer’s mind

When silver clanked into his hands?

How strongly Satan’s greed took hold

And tightened its enslaving bands!

The stage was set, the night was dark,

To veil the traitor’s treach’rous deed.

God withheld His mighty pow’r,

To let Satan’s plan succeed.

What searing guilt the apostate felt

When his murderous act was done!

His screaming conscience took his life;

For he’d betrayed God’s perfect Son.

He stood for three years at the brink

Of Grace’s free, o’erflowing Well;

But he who kissed the Door of Heaven

Spends eternity in Hell.


Still the Tempter lives today

Within the hearts of wicked men

Who will not turn to Christ for help,

And lack the strength to fight their sin.

It was for all that Jesus died –

He bore our punishment in full

That we might have eternal life,

Beloved by God, forgiven, whole.

We’re just as faithless as the man

Who his Lord and Friend betrayed,

If we turn from Jesus and ignore

The redemption price He paid.

The power of the Evil One

Was crushed when Jesus gave His life;

He broke the curse of sin and death —

Our vict’ry through His sacrifice!

You’re given opportunity,

And although some will still rebel,

Do not kiss the Door of Heaven,

Yet spend eternity in Hell.

Wild Savage Adventures…

Posted by Kathryn



… while Dad and Mom were away!!!! Ha ha ha! :):):)


This weekend Dad and Mom were gone to the Wilds for their Overnight Sweetheart Getaway! 🙂 If we had been there, we would be telling you about what a fantastic time we had, the powerful messages we heard, the delicious food, all the stairs we climbed, the thrilling ride on the famous Giant Swing… and much, much more… But since we weren’t there, you’ll have to hear about that some other time, and for now, be content with an overview of the activities that took place on the home front.

To say the least… we had a delightful time!! It seems I am continually being reminded that time with my family is immensely precious… something not to be taken for granted because it will not last forever! The message we heard on Sunday following all of the adventures (which I will recount for you in a moment) called us to remember relationships: first of all, with Jesus Christ, and second, with our families. Relationships are of upmost importance. If you think about it, that is the one thing that separates Christianity from all other “religions.” Christianity is based upon a personal relationship with the God of the universe, rather than how we can try in our own strength to be “good enough” to measure up to His righteous standards. Thus, the focus is on Him, not on us. The parallels to be drawn from this regarding the family are amazing, for the only way to have a truly good relationship with someone is to be constantly thinking of them, not ourselves. This is a conviction to me even as I write it, but may we always have this “others focus,” and look for ways to bless those the Lord has placed around us! 

With those thoughts in mind, one of the highlights of our time together was heading outdoors to be wild savages, or at least, to do our utmost to reach that lofty status. 😉 With painted faces, braided hair, ponies, a “pale face prisoner,” and some good-ole Injun grub, we made our way to our secret hideout in the woods and succeeded in building a wigwam – of sorts! Talk about memories!

The good little bearer of the Injun grub Red Fox!Squaw Red HenLittle Rainbow

Little DoveThe pitiful captive, awaiting her fate :) (not exactly... we really were nice to her :))People are always watching... even when you don't see them

"You stay put... don't try any funny business!"Indian war dance

Running Deer and SusquehannahThe trusty little Indian poniesThe little squaws made a good trail for us

This Indian's name: Mighty Oak ;)Mugshot... almost :):) This was the last pic we were able to take with our family camera because it died... just kidding!100_7231

The finished product! Huzzah!Inside the shelter

By far the best pic of the day!                 

Some other memory-making activities that took place were experimenting with our own version of Mocha Freeze drinks, reading The Island Queen by R.M. Ballentyne, making dozens and dozens and dozens and… LOTS of cookies to freeze for the upcoming FEW Conference, and sleeping in late. 🙂

Lots of cookies!!! :):)

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

So, I would challenge you to get out with your family and make some memories together… lasting ones. You won’t be sorry!



Well, before we have to write an “Update 3,” we had the brilliant idea that we’d just better keep up with all that’s going on around here!! 🙂

Last week we had the spur-of-the-moment and DELIGHTFUL experience of having the Wilkes ladies here for a couple days! Some of the guys came south for a farm show in TN, used us as a hotel, and brought the ladies with them to keep us company! For several days, we just lived life, including school work, celebrating Hannah’s birthday, evening visits from Mr. Traylor – a business associate of Daddy’s and now a great friend of the family, and Jennifer Jennings, also a good friend of ours, house cleaning, afternoon rest times, an overnight visit from Jon Hynes, and even a tea party!… All of this (and so much more!!!!) took place with the extra special blessing of having four extra special ladies around. Sisters, both biological and adopted, 🙂 are such treasures from the Lord! Words fail to describe the beauty of our time together… but I can’t give bunches of pictures to help out because sadly, the ones from this are few due to the absence of one camera during the visit and the loss of the shots from the other! But praise be to God that we have memories (and journals :))…

The joy of Jesus just radiates from your face!Happy Birthday to Hannah... One of the many precious meal times...

Princesses... all ready for the tea party!

Jennifer J. and Sunny have been buddies for yearsHad to post this one! We never get photos of the photographers :)   

But I will leave you with the reminder to truly treasure the times you have with your sisters, both biological and your sisters in the Lord! Learn from each other! Disciple each other! Laugh together! Talk… for hours! Make fun and unusual memories!

The bond of love that will be created is priceless!

And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment…” (Philippians 1:9) 

And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another… to the end that he may stablish your hearts unblameable in holiness before God, even our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints.” (1 Thessalonians 3:12-13)

A few more pictures from the times when the guys were in…

Observing the crabs Edify each other!We all enjoyed hearing the stories the guys had to tell about the farm show