The Lord has called each of us to serve. But many times along the road we become exhausted, feeling as if we can’t move another inch. Have you ever felt this way before? Do you ever wake up in the morning with the thought that you simply can’t do one more extra thing? Have you lost your strength for the race of life?

Recently struggling with some similar thoughts, the Lord brought me Isaiah 61 to get my focus right again. I would highly encourage you to take some a moment next time you are feeling weak and empty to ponder this beautiful passage. The Lord reminded me that part of my purpose in life is service – to both Him and others. But if that is truly part of why I am alive, why is it so hard sometimes?

God has a way of putting us all through these “servant-hood tests” to see where our hearts really are. In His mercy He reminds us that He has laid up the rewards of joy, peace, strength, and contentment for those who are faithful and daily give Him their all.

So today… trust God’s sovereignty in asking you to go another mile with Him, rejoice in His presence as you journey, and rest in His promise of strength as the road becomes rocky and difficult.

Press on – for one more mile!

God gave you your family to walk beside you


Ready for another mile together!