When we were in Greenville, SC, for music lessons a couple weeks ago, Aunt Miriam (aka Auntie Fun-Fun Smile) made our day extra special by bringing us lunch to enjoy together. It was a good reminder to us of the joy and blessing that simple acts of kindness can bring to those around, even when the action seems small or menial. “Be ye kind one to another…”

IMG_9449Mmmm... lunch!

Miss Smiley Pink-Sweater :)Juice on the floor ;)

SweetOur FAVORITE bakery cookies!

Aunt Miriam is definitely a giver!, so when we were in Greenville again this last weekend for a homeschool convention, she surprised us with St. Patrick’s Day goodies to enjoy at our hotel. Too much fun!

Cookies...Cupcakes!Have a cookie, anyone?

Notice the message on the ring...... they re-lived an experience from almost 25 years ago for us! :)

:)MORE of our favorite cookies!

:) :) :)

So, look around you, and see who needs an extra touch of kindness today. Sow an act of kindness, and reap a harvest of joy!

Thank you, Aunt Miriam!!