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Archive for November, 2012


Posted by The Neely Team




A precious time with family… a time of rejoicing… a time of memory-making… a time to recall the goodness of the Lord.

This year we had the blessing of hosting some of Mom’s family in our home. A variety of activities transpired, from pulling turkey to cutting hair to playing music to taking pictures to a whole myriad of other things, including eating a delicious dinner. We were sad that not all of the extended family could come, but we thoroughly enjoyed fellowshipping with those who could.

We rejoice in the tremendous gift that the Lord has given us in grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins with whom we share the common bond of Christ. Thank you, Conns and Mercks, for making the effort to come, and for all the sweet times of fellowship! We love you all!

Getting dinner readyIMG_3135IMG_3129


IMG_3159Getting a new hairdo :)Working on Christmas cards

"Cousin dogs" sharing beds - these two got along so wellEnjoying "chat" time

Games – some louder than others, but all equally enjoyed.

A rousing rendition of Pit! Hope no one was trying to take a nap.... ;)Another (more-civilized) game


Some activities create opportunity to have some close bonding time.

Taking a trip down the hill on the grass sledThe response to the previous picture

Enjoying a beautiful walk with wonderful peopleIMG_3708

IMG_3703IMG_3706Story time with cousins

Thanksgiving 2012

Dad’s Birthday Picnic

Posted by Kathryn



Oh, how we don’t want to take these precious days, months, and years for granted. God has given us the time we have now… we are not promised tomorrow. What will we do that matters in eternity? Will we pay the price to invest in our family members? Will we smile and laugh together, struggle and press on together, live and love together?

In honor of the birthday of our beloved leader, patriarch, husband, father, friend, counselor, and bona-fide family joker,Smile we spent the afternoon at the lake one Saturday this fall. A particular highlight was when Dad initiated a quite serious, competitive tournament of Corn Toss. (Winking smile) We tried so hard, but to be brutally honest, we are pathetic at the afore-mentioned activity… thus, we spent more time doubled over with a serious case of side-splitting laughter than we did in playing!


An indescribable blessing to see younger ones that are best friends!Examining the new fishing pole...

Go, buddy!IMG_2501

IMG_2483LOL :OIMG_2496

IMG_2480Thinking... of the love of her life. (This one is for you, Matthew!)

Cherish the moment


More work on the fishing pole...Reading...



IMG_2535Beautifully in love

Work is rewarded... getting to use the fishing pole at last!Laughing... again.

IMG_2542:-D!!! What would we do without you??! Life would be so dull!

We love you, Dad!!

Fall Activities…

Posted by The Neely Team



Isn’t fall such a glorious, spectacular season??! The stunning colors, cool temperatures, and overall cozy atmosphere make one eager for some memorable times as a family.

From the (embarrassing) lack of posts going up, you may be wondering where we have been for most of this delightful season. Let’s see…

One highlight was certainly hosting our annual Fall Family Fun Night. Years ago, rather than participating in Halloween, Dad and Mom began a special tradition: a fun, action-packed activity night for us as a creative, wholesome, and family-building alternative. At first, it was just us… then a family or two from church too… then it grew to a few more… and then the Lord grew it into a much greater ministry opportunity than we ever imagined – this year there were nearly 85 attendees! What a joy to see so many from our community take the time to be together!

Mom and Jessi were mainly responsible for the decoration of the food area this year. Beautiful job!Fun on the grass sled!

SweetFind the candy in the sugar and scoop it into the cup with no hands!

IMG_2392IMG_2386Dignity and class... and a little fun :-D

Joy in being as a family

Demonstrating: get your whole family across the "shark-infested waters," but you must stay on the cardboard "boats" at all times!

IMG_2420Eat a donut off of the string with no hands!


Tie a baloon around your ankle... pop the other team's before they get yours!Final contestants :-D

Another highlight was camping with some long-time friends from the Atlanta area. The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and a weekend of sweet, encouraging fellowship.




O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD. Psalm 117

A Quote for the Election

Posted by Victoria



“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

~John Quincy Adams