For nearly fourteen years, someone was dwelling in our home and family, of whose true personality and perspective on life we knew but little.

Then, something happened, and out she came!

Penguin-loving, laugh-inspiring, and thought-provoking, Victoria brings such joy to all of us with her unusual and often unbelievable sense of humor! Recently, however, yet another new side of her has emerged. We have discovered that she is quite the poet (and always seems to have the perfect proverb or line of rhyme to share at any given situation). Typically written late at night, while she is comfortably ensconced on the floor in my room, her poetry has greatly blessed and impressed me. The other night she shared this one with Jessi and I, when, as usual, she was journaling on the floor between our beds. I loved it! I’m sure I’ll have to post additional compositions in the future, but for now… enjoy! Smile


Proper English

I once was told I spoke in verse;

At once I realized that was no curse.


My Mother Tongue feels no abuse

When words own color and careful use.


When artful speaking doth occur

These facts must show, of that be sure:


Vocabulary, first, must be enlarged,

While useless words are all discharged.


(No “like’s,” no “um’s,” no “ain’ts” or “got’s,”

No “fan’s,” “that long’s,” or “second shot’s.”


No double negatives, few words used o’er,

Instead of “beach” use “the sea shore.”)


Context, then, is all-important

Without it, sentences will sound discordant.


Structure, now must be considered

Here we’re in danger of sounding withered.


Arrange your words with cautious choice

They’re an accent to your voice.


Feeling, now, with depth, is key –

Ships don’t sail on shallow seas.


Mold inflection to dress the matter

Don’t just robe in useless clatter.


And finally, this last charge I give:

Speak to honor He Who lives –


He Who formed our mouth and ears

That we may speak and words may hear.


We’ve been granted simple tools

To edify God’s chosen jewels.


Use them carefully, we must

For they are a sacred trust.


Hold the tongue which tries to bite,

Speak the words which spread the Light.


There’s much to bridle as we go

Un-necessaries always seem to show


Form each sentence with thought and care;

Our “good name” this form will share.


Use your words to point above –

Speak with feeling, depth, and love.


I love you! You are a great blessing to me!