Question: “Daddy, do you think our van tires have done around 1,000 times?”

Answer: “Well, let’s figure it out……”

This was a recent conversation between two team members. The answer to this question led to lots of other questions, and answers. Fun family trivia time.

Our faithful van has 256,000 miles on it (because of the mercy of our faithful God). That is approximately 172,858,200 turns of the tires, which is 1,193,280,000 feet in travelling distance. Approximately 3,767 hours have been spent travelling. Gallons of gas used was also calculated, and the approximate cost of gas.

But what can we learn from this? When we bought our van, over 10 years ago, little would we know the number of miles we’d have on it, the amount of hours we’d spend in it, or the amazing places we’d go in it.

But God did.

God also knows the plan for our lives. Sometimes it overwhelms us to look at tasks that are ahead of us. They’re daunting. So much to do. Not-so-much time to do it. But, little by little, inch by inch, step, by step, decision by decision, we see the fruit of labors. It is not in our own strength or abilities that we can fulfill our daily tasks, but by the grace of God. He enables us to do, through Him, what we could never do in ourselves. “He who has called us will turn His commands into enablings.” What a wonderful thought! Our mountainous to-do lists don’t take God by surprise.

So, next time you look at your calendar, or your to-do list, or whatever it may that makes you realize your inadequacy, praise the Lord for those things! Praise Him for His grace, for purpose in life, for His allowing you to acknowledge the fact that you can’t do it on your own! And seek His will. Claim His promises. Trust His Word. Rest in Him. And praise the Lord that He has counted you worthy of the struggle of juggling responsibilities!