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Archive for October, 2013

New Release! Tasty Traditions

Posted by The Neely Team



With much excitement, we are grateful to announce the soon release of Tasty Traditions!



Step into the kitchen of a family of twelve, and enjoy some of the same taste sensations that have been their favorites for over 25 years. With over 400 recipes, this collection will bring fresh vibrancy to your every-day meal times. Gather round the table with your family and friends, and enjoy delightful and delicious feasts together!

  • over 400 recipes
  • easy-to-read layout
  • plastic cover on front and back for convenience and durability in the kitchen
  • spiral binding

To preorder your copy today for $24.99 (free shipping), pay via PayPal ([email protected]) or send a check to:

The Neely Team
PO Box 1486
Andrews, NC 28901

Glorious South GA Wedding!

Posted by The Neely Team



IMG_0919 - Copy

This last weekend, while in south GA to minister at a church near our grandmother’s house, we were blessed to attend the glorious wedding of Daniel and Brooke! To witness the union of yet another dear young couple, committed to living their lives to the glory of God and dedicated to the work of the Kingdom, was a tremendous joy.


"Fairest Lord Jesus" and "Almighty, Unchangeable, God" - simply gorgeous!IMG_0953

Following the wedding reception, many of the guests gathered in the lobby of a local hotel for an extended time of fellowship. If time spent with other believers can be so sweet, so refreshing, how much more precious will be an eternity of such fellowship?!

Fellowship while putting out refreshments for the gatheringSeeing dear friends from far and near was a tremendous highlight

IMG_0966Taking the time to invest

Congratulations, Daniel & Brooke! Our hearts rejoice with you. May the Lord make your love toward one another to abound yet more and more as you walk together down the path the Lord has chosen for you, causing your marriage to ever be a stunning picture of Christ and His bride.

IMG_0950 - Copy

Visit Us On Etsy!

Posted by The Neely Team



At the end of August, we had our monthly planning meeting, and looking over the prospective events for September, we decided to dedicate the month to furthering several entrepreneurial ventures that have been in process, but that we simply have not had time to grow. You will probably be hearing about more of them in the future, but for now…

…explore our Etsy shop! – search TheNeelyTeam

(It is still somewhat under construction, but in general, if you like what you find, feel free to become one of our followers. Winking smile)


Junk–What is it?

Posted by Jessica



I love this time of year. Something about the return of cooler weather makes me want to clean out and organize. What a good feeling it is, to sort through clutter and get rid of junk!! I’m the type that tends to let papers pile up, and things get out of place, but it’s not because I like things that way. I love having a cleared book shelf, a desk that you can see the top of, and kitchen counters that are vacant. Tidying and getting rid of stuff gives us not only more physical space, but also mental space, because we’re no longer burdened with excess. Ahh – it’s almost like a breath of fresh air!

But what is junk? Not too long ago, this topic of discovering what junk is was  being discussed during lunch. (Just think – once you discover what junk is, then you can get rid of it! Isn’t that exciting?!) Many creative definitions were given, so I decided to share them with you.  These definitions help me think through areas of my life that need to be de-cluttered……


  • anything that’s out of place
  • things you don’t want
  • things you fight over
  • things of no value
  • things you throw away
  • clutter
  • things you don’t need
  • broken things
  • stuff you don’t remember having until you dust it, or find it in far-away corners
  • things you haven’t used in over a year


Hmmm…. that’s a lot. We are called to be stewards of the tools and gifts that God has given us. He has equipped us with tools for hospitality (kitchen gadgets, bedding, washing machine, furniture, to name only a few), tools for ministry (musical instruments, and all the gear necessary for them), tools for dominion (rakes, lawn mowers, shovels, etc.), tools for discipleship (books, etc.), and on and on. We need to take dominion of the things we’ve been blessed with, and not let them take dominion over us.

One more thought to ponder: God is a God of order. He created order. Why then, shouldn’t we, His most prized creation, seek to develop this quality in our lives?

So, this is a time to declutter – to get rid of the excess in my life so that I am free to fully embrace and enjoy the tasks God gives me. Anyone want to join me on this journey?

P.S. For another great post about de-junking, visit our friends, the Meggs Family.