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Archive for December, 2013

Merry Christmas From the Neely Team!

Posted by The Neely Team



Wishing you and your family a joy-filled day as we celebrate our Savior’s birth!

We trust you are all doing well, and rejoicing in the bountiful blessings of our Lord. We truly have much to praise Him for. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and head into a new year, may His peace fill your heart, His joy be your strength, and His Word be your guide.

Merry Christmas!

With rejoicing and praise to the Lord,

The Neely Team


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

This old, favorite Christmas carol is often one of the most misunderstood songs of the season. Its true meaning helps to explain one of the most misused phrases describing Christmas. What Americans hear when they hear “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is not anything like what the English peasants heard when they sang the song over 500 years ago.

The lyrics reveal that the unknown writer knew the Christmas story well. He included the high points of the Gospel throughout the verses of the song. The writer also understood the power of Christ and what His coming meant to all who embraced it.

The song is still sung much like it was way back then, but with the change in meaning of the words, few people understand what the writer was trying to communicate.

When people today say, “Merry Christmas,” they mean have a happy Christmas. However, when the song was written, the word “merry” had a very different meaning. Robin Hood’s “merry” men may have been happy, but the word “merry” that the described them means mighty. Thus, a strong army was a “merry” army. A great king was a “merry” king. A “merry” ruler was a mighty ruler.

Even with the knowledge that the Victorian carolers intended “merry” to mean “mighty,” the song still doesn’t make sense. This is due to the other word whose meaning has changed significantly over the centuries. The word “rest” meant “to keep” or “to make.” And to completely uncover the meaning, we need to insert a comma after the word “merry.” The the meaning is, “God make you mighty, gentlemen.” And what is it that makes us mighty? We do not have to be dismayed because Christ our Savior was born to save us from Satan’s power and we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us!

So, when we say “Merry Christmas” we are mighty because of the strength we have in Jesus Christ. Because of our mighty Christmas, we have power over sin, death, hell, and the grave. So, may God make you mighty this Christmas!


Adapted from Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins

New Release! Thera-pit-ics

Posted by The Neely Team



Life… what a joyous blessing it is to have days that are packed full to the brim with productive work. Entrepreneurial endeavors have been consuming much of our days recently – we are in the process of updating our online store, so, while we wait, we thought we should share one the latest projects with you.

Cherry Pit Hot/Cold Packs
by the Neely Team

FIMG_1817 - Copy

So, if you are like the many sweet individuals with whom we have been blessed to connect at the local farmer’s market, you may be asking: “What is a cherry pit pack?”

Concisely put, it is a hot/cold pack filled with dried cherry pits for therapeutic or comfort uses. Store it in the freezer, or throw it into the microwave for 2 minutes. Ideal for headaches, back/neck issues, sore muscles, or simply for comfort. Now that winter is fully upon us, at night there is a long line for access to the microwave, as cold feet like the pit packs deep down under the covers. This summer however, with the garden growing by leaps and bounds, and five acres of grass to be cared for, there was many a time when someone could be found with an ice-cold one draped around their neck.

While many hot/cold packs are filled with rice, barley, beans, and other small fillers, we chose cherry pits for their effectiveness and durability. A removable cover adds to the practicality, as it allows for easy washing.


  • Dimensions: 18” x 7”
  • Filling: 100% Cherry Pits
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Cover colors/patterns vary – contact us for additional pictures.

$24.00 (Free Shipping)

Payment options include PayPal ([email protected]), check (see address below), or credit card (send us an email with your phone number and we will give you a call).

P.O. Box 1486
Andrews, NC 28901

New Release! The Blooming Harpist

Posted by The Neely Team



“Of all the many instruments that are played in our home, there is none so soothing to the spirit as the harp. This instrument of antiquity possesses an unmatched potential for calming a restless soul. Even a non-prodigious novice can produce relaxing music that soothes the spirit.”

With a noticeable need for simple hymn arrangements for beginning harpists (lever harp), Victoria has diligently worked to arrange and compile such a book. With 21 favorite hymns, this collection is sure to inspire any young harpist to “praise the Lord with the harp.”


$17.00 each, plus shipping. Contact us for ordering information.