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Archive for May, 2014

Spring Update #3

Posted by The Neely Team



Picnic with the Elledges!

Don’t you think it is marvelous to watch the Lord orchestrate the paths of His children, allowing our earthly paths to cross with other believers for the purpose of encouragement and edification? Such is the case with our dear friends, the Elledges. Though we haven’t know them even a year yet, the bond of Christ has knit our hearts together. Many special hours have been spent with them, and each visit is marked by smiles, wholesome conversation, and good-natured humor.


We recently had a picnic-style meal with them at their peaceful abode. Oh what a blessing it was! Just getting away from our busyness for a while, sitting by a babbling brook, and enjoying fellowship with precious friends… the Lord is good.





Thank you, Elledges! We look forward to many more such times together!

Spring Update #2

Posted by The Neely Team



Baby Shower!

After the arrival of two precious little ones, the Wilkes and Neely aunties hosted a joint baby shower for the happy mothers. Oh what a joy it was to work together to make this happen!



Practicing for motherhood – see how many baby clothes you can hang on the clothesline… in just 45 seconds… while keeping your baby happy and talking on the phone to your mother!


Writing thoughts for the new mothers, and then opening gifts:


Presenting the final two gifts: a double jogging stroller for Wilkes Team 2, and a jogging stroller/car seat combo for Wilkes Team 3!


Enjoying sweet fellowship and rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord together:





Other snapshots around the Farm during the weekend:




“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward… Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” Psalm 127: 3,5

Spring Update #1

Posted by The Neely Team



Hello everyone! After such a long lapse of silence, you may be wondering where we have been. Life in the recent past has been abundantly full (surprise, surprise!), for which we are immensely grateful to the Lord. So many things have happened, many of which have held clear demonstrations of His unfailing mercy and goodness in our behalf.  Isn’t it a glorious thing to be in the service of the King of Kings, knowing that He Who has called us will give us the strength, wisdom, resources, and direction necessary for each situation?!

We hope to give a series of updates, with which to record a few of the Lord’s workings in our lives from this spring. So, here it goes…!

Update #1: “Grizzly”

After several months of praying and searching for a new van, the Lord brought the right one along in His perfect timing. Though it is actually a year older than our previous van, it has 220,000 fewer miles on it! “Grizzly” is now beloved of the Team and has already been the place of many happy hours spent traveling together. Praise the Lord for His provision.