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Though I was Bound

Posted by Susanna



Though I was bound in chains of sin,
I now am free; Christ reigns within.

His love and mercy I now trust,
For Satan’s rule my Saviour crushed.

My Master is the King of Kings;
His glorious praise, fore’er I’ll sing.

Someday on heaven’s blissful shore,
I’ll praise His name forever more.

‘Till all my life on earth is done,
In me may others see God’s Son.

3 Responses to “Though I was Bound”

  1. Clara Says:

    Thank you for this, Susanna. It is beautiful! Did you write it?

  2. Mrs. Franklin Says:

    Thank you for this poem. It says it all. Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to Jesus and encouragement to me.

  3. Martha Joy Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful poem! Praises to our Lord above! May God richly bless your sweet family as you live for His glory.
    In Christ’s love,
    ~Martha Joy

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