Going home.

As the words began to sink in, my heart did a double-flip. I had enjoyed my time away; it really was very refreshing and I was glad the opportunity had come and that I had, in God’s sovereignty, taken it. But three weeks is a long time to be away, especially for a home-body who craves normalcy. Now I was going home and I couldn’t help feeling at least a little ecstatic.

I have very good news for every child of God. We are going home. This world is not our home. We look for a city who’s Builder and Maker is God. That isn’t all there is to it, however.

Probably the best part about being at home is being with those you love most. How is it with you? Who do you love most? Does your heart leap with an uncontrolled and uncontrollable happiness when you think of heaven? Heaven is wonderful, but it is nothing without the Trinity. The best part of heaven will not be the precious stones and gold clear as crystal and the everlasting day. The best part of heaven will not be the jasper walls and the gates of pearl. Dazzling, inconceivable, beyond all imagination these things are. I do not doubt it for an instant. But what would heaven be without the Lord? Actually, it would be hell. Hell is eternal separation from God the Father, God the Son, the God the Holy Spirit. The best part of heaven will be to bask in the Light of the Lamb’s Presence; to be with Him, and to be with Him for ever. 

Look for His coming and live like it will be your highest delight, because it will be. Once in heaven, you will surely wish you had longed for it more; longed for Christ more.

Going home. There’s a comforting warmth in the words. There’s a spring beneath the surface that’s gurgling with happiness. Going home… going home… I can’t wait…