This short poem summarizes three key elements of the Christian life: our salvation, our pilgrimage, and life everlasting with the LORD. Though written several years ago, I have found the truths to be just as encouraging now as they were then, for indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

If I would seek for lasting peace on which my soul to rest

I’d run into the Savior’s arms and think myself so blest.

To think on all His love for me of which I’m ignorant

Is but to find completed joy for what I need and want.


To walk along in life’s rough way with naught but work and toil

Would yield but poor reward for pay when my form rests in soil-

But here I may not stop to dwell on all that’s sad and dim,

For work and toil are part of life, and Life is made of Him.


So when someday I cross the tide which mankind doth resist

I’ll seek the One who died for me—in constant praise, persist.

For there on the eternal side I’ll know for once and all

That here is my most perfect rest, my peace and joy, my all.