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Archive for August, 2013

Simple Fun… as Siblings

Posted by Kathryn




What a joy it is to be able to take time out of the busyness of life and make some memories together as siblings! While giving Dad and Mom some time alone together to celebrate their 26th anniversary, we decided to take the younger ones to enjoy the monthly Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot. We were joined by some good friends of ours, Mrs. Kim and Dyanna, whose husband/father was away as well, and what a day!

The Lord blessed us with lovely weather and just a joyous time of simple fun.




Following the construction of many little trucks, we went to a local park and enjoyed lunch in the shade of some giant trees near the creek. But, of course, we couldn’t just look at the lovely cool water… we had to feel it too…





The Canadian geese provided another form of entertainment – they had their minds set on feasting their little beaks on a portion of our lunch. Smile


The day was a reminder that meaningful memories and precious moments together don’t have to be based around big, glamorous events. Things such as building little toy trucks, laughing over an obstinate goose, or wading in a creek, can be used by the Lord to strengthen relationships. May we all look for opportunities to use the simple things to life to encourage those around us!

96 Years of Faithfulness

Posted by The Neely Team



In a nation where marriages seem to be crumbling on every hand; where the glorious privilege of mirroring the relationship between Christ and His Bride before the world is desperately undervalued; where husbands and wives are losing sight of their calling to oneness in Christ…

… it is with heartfelt gratitude to the Lord that we have recently had opportunities to celebrate the marriage anniversaries of two very special couples!


~ Our dear, precious parents… We are the blessed beneficiaries of your choice, and of your daily choices, to remain faithful to each other, to love one another with self-sacrificing commitment and devotion, to display before all who are watching what it means to bring glory to the Lord through the relationship of two individuals made one in Him. We love you dearly!

Happy 26th Anniversary!!



~Uncle Willis and Aunt Myrtle Smith… It doesn’t seem like five years ago that we were in GA to help celebrate your 65th anniversary, but what a joy it was to be there again a few weeks ago to celebrate your 70th! You two are a lovely example of love in Christ that has not grown dim even through the passing of many years. We love you!

Happy 70th Anniversary!!


(And, for those of you who like interesting little details, in the past two weeks we’ve celebrated 96 years of faithfulness! Smile Hip, hip… HOORAH!)