The crew starting out to pick the corn: Mom, Lauren, Herman, Bethany, and Hannah100_8349


$5.00 to the first person to find Lauren…            Never mind – we found her. 🙂



100_8351               100_8352

More busy members of the picking team!


100_8354 100_8355

Bringing in the bounty: 23 dozen ears of corn and… well, we didn’t even TRY to count the tomatoes!




“Peter Dutchy” is in sad shape, but he and “Bobby Lee” faithfully kept the crows where they belonged!


 100_8359               100_8363

We shucked it all in the garage.


100_8364   100_8376

Duke enjoyed the cool, concrete garage          Herman was the much-needed 

         floor while WE were working.                            cleanup man!     


100_8365 100_8378

Jessi and Kathryn blanched it all, and then it was stacked to drain before the creaming part of the process.




  “In all labour there is profit…”  Prov. 14:23

Bethany enjoys the fruit of her labors 🙂



Hooray!! Twenty-six more quarts in the freezer!

“The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich…” Prov. 10:22