The "Flower Room" pile of mess :) A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take a day-trip down to Dahlonega, GA, to get some much-needed bunk beds. AfterThe "Horse Room" was "trying" to compete by having even more junk stacked up!!! getting them home, set up, and then organized into a semi-workable position, we then faced our next household project. With four extra beds, we suddenly didn’t have enough bedding, and the odds-n-ends that we DID have just didn’t quite agree with the eyes of the beauty-conscious young ladies of the house. 🙂 With the help of our favorite store and Mommy’s knack for sewing, we set about to collect and make sheets, pillowcases, pillows, comforters, curtains, etc. Then came the fun part – painting the rooms! First, we moved the couch from one of the rooms down one flight of stairs and up another for excellent muscle building :). Next we pulled all of the furniture to the center of the room, (thus creating an almost ceiling-high junk pile!!), and spread out UUUggggg! GRUNT!!! Use those muscles!!!! :)theJessi: our fabulous paint roller necessary supplies. After deciding on a lively stem green for one room, and a softer, elegant gray for the other, we spent a couple days priming, painting, and then re-painting. Mommy (the patient veteran of the process), Amanda, and Jessica got an excellent system going, while the rest of us tried to keep the house running smoothly. 🙂 When the paint was dry, Jessi and IAmanda prefers to "cut in" and let Jessi roll! got assigned to a delightful, tedious duty that we enjoyed tremendously! Soon, Mommy - "This part's a little low and hard to reach!" :)rings and dots were rapidly taking formation over the green walls, and, a little later, geometric squares were “thrown” like confetti all over the gray! This detailed painting experience helped me become more comfortable with home decoration and Jessi anPutting up the templates d I loved working together, creating beauty and having meaningful conversations. At last, the major part of the project was complete, and weTouching up a not-so-pretty square :) enthusiastically set into (even though it was 9:00 p.m. :)) organizing the furniture, making up the beds, and getting the rooms looking decent again! It’s a good thing no one rang our doorbell at that time – the upstairs hallway, which can be seen from the front door, was the convenient spot for DUMPING anything we didn’t need in our rooms! STUFF was piled SO high that one literally had to HOP The relaxing cozy cornerAnother cozy spot :)over six piles to get from one room to the next, trying all the while not to break anything valuable, including arms, legs, and other appendages! (I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but, frighteningly, it’s NOT!!!!!) What a joy it was when, the next day, all of the junk was gone, either to the thrift store or simply put where it belonged!!!  🙂 The whole process was fun, educational, and exciting, and I was blessed by the joy and originality that was portrayed while we cleaned The project complete! Yippee!!!!! Formerly the "Flower Room," this is now the "Ball Room." (Special thanks to the Daddy and Herman Title Team!! :)) up the official, glorified Hurrah! Instead of the "Horse Room," this is now the "Box Room!"pig-sty that we’d created!! :)