We had just arrived at Grandmama’s house. Everything had been unloaded, and  people were getting ready for bed. We had spent the whole morning gathering, packing, and loading. Pillows, violins, music, suitcases… everything was in and we were ready to go… maybe.

It was almost midnight, and we were all tired from traveling the eight hours to get there. That’s when someone came out of the bathroom and looked at me. SomethDaddy, Mommy, and Herman working on the tree standing was said like, “Did you forget to pack something?” I looked at her, confused. What could I have missed in the packing process? She answered my question when she said, “Maybe the toothbrushes?!”

Well, despite forgetting everyone’s toothbrushes, we had a great trip. We had been planning this for quite a while and had spent many hours gathered around the piano, practicing. We were in Bainbridge, GA fromUncle Fudge and Hannah Grace - picking up sticks Friday, October 23 through Monday, October 26.

On Saturday, we just “hung out” at the house. Dad and Mom worked on setting up the new tree stand. 🙂 The younger ones played outside quite a bit, and Amanda and Kathryn were able to do Two of the three (unsuccessful :)) hunters sent forth that day :) some hunting. We got to see Allison, our cousin, while we were down there, too. She came over to the house and spent most of Saturday with us. Uncle Blaine and Aunt Melinda came for dinner that night. We also had the privilege of meetingOne of Uncle Fudge's beautiful roses! Maria, a friend of theirs.

Sunday was the big day. We had spent many hours preparing. Our prayer was that God would get glory A magnificent sunset from what we did. We went to Grace Community  Baptist Church for the morning service, which went very well. We sang several songs and Herman quoted Psalm 101 during a thirty minuteUncle Fudge with five of the younger ones - what a full swing!! time span. Sunday night found us at First Baptist Church. We had the whole service to sing. We did a mixture of songs, Those south GA skies are gorgeous! including songs with the whole family, violin solos, piano solos and duets, and Kathryn even quoted the whole book of Titus!

After the service, there was a time of fellowship. Some of our extended familyJessi and Grandmama were there, too. We enjoyed talking to many people that had been impacted by either Eight of the nine children that sang that evening (Amanda was the faithful piano player :)) Grandmama or Grandpapa, who were both school teachers for several years. Who knows how many lives they influenced for the Lord. Several people came and t"Help!!!!!! I'm being smothered with love and kisses!"    Well, in reality, she didn't mind!old us how they enjoyed having them as teachers or what they Grandmama and Kathryn had learned through them. It reminded us of how blessed we are to have such a godly heritage and  grandparents who stood for what was right and made choices that have affected many generations.

A picture of a picture of Daddy and his sister, Aunt Miriam, when they were little. Does anyone notice a resemblance between Daddy and Herman? Our mighty man of valor! We left on Monday and drove all eight hours back home. We also stopped in the Atlanta, GA area to do some shopping. We didn’t get home ‘til 11:00 that night.

It was a wonderful trip. And (in case you were wondering), we didn’t have to go all weekend without brushing our teeth. 🙂 🙂