Several ySuch willing little helpers!ears ago, on October 31, Daddy and Mommy surprised all of us kids with a special evening, where we bobbed for apples,Jessi - her allergies couldn't tolerate the dust, so she helped with the planning :) ate  donuts off of strings (with no hands :)) hanging from the ceiling, had a candy hunt, played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” and a few other fun things. Little did they know that they had thus began the yearly tradition of Family Fun Yay! Job complete!!!! Night! Slowly F.F.N. expanded until we had a few friends over, then several families, and then this year and last year, over sixty people! WhatThe custom-made banner :) a wonderful way to make hilarious,  special memories!!

This year our preparations began the week before, when we were tryiKirsi - enjoying all the funng to decide where to have most of the games, the food tabl"Pin the Leaf on the Pumpkin"es, etc. Last year, we had done  most of it in our garage, but as it was cramped  then, and we had invited over forty more people this year, 🙂 we decided we wanted to be prepared for as many as the Lord would bring our way. At Daddy explaining the rules to the whole gang Mommy’s suggestion, we decided to try to get the unfinished Part of the relay race - hold a plastic spoon in your mouth, find a piece of candy hidden in the sugar, and scoop it out and into a cup - all with no hands!!upstairs of our detached  garage, which we call the “Carriage House,” ready and use that for the games. Just to fill you in on a few details, we have this awful habit of, when we don’t know where In the midst of all the fun, our angel baby was taking his beauty rest on Daddy's back! to put something, we say “Oh, just put it in theTossing the bean bags into the hole upstairs of the Carriage House!” Maybe this gives you an idea of the unnecessary junk that was piled up there. 🙂 Finally, a few days Awaiting the beginning of the donut game! before F.F.N., the whole Team arrived up there and  put it in order. 🙂 (Sadly, we didn’t get any “before” pictures, so you’ll have to be contentSome people chose chocolate donuts... Hmmmm... what kind of a mess will that create??? with the “after” pictures. :)) We had a lot of fun, and finally got it all in “ship  shape.”

Next began the process of doing all of the planning.  After decidinQuite a few of the adults participated as well :)g on the games, we started planning what supplies we needed and in what way we would organize the evening. There was a lot of  “changing of plans,” but we finally got everything straightened out.

Before we knew it,Does this answer your question about the mess??? :):) it was 5:30 on Friday,  October 30, and everyone was arriAhhhh, good! I finally got a hold of it with my mouth!ving. What followed is very difficult to describe in the exact   details and excitement in which it occurred – maybe the pictures will help! 🙂 The games included Pin the Leaf on the Pumpkin, a relay race, donuts hanging from the ceilingSunny - receiving a little bit of help with the tedious task of keeping her donut from swinging all over creation!, “Leaf, Leaf, Pumpkin” (the same as “Duck, Duck, Goose” :)) a candy hunt  in theWhat a brave girl!! Eating the donut off of the FLOOR after it fell from the string. dark, 🙂 tractor rides, a time for munching on delicious snacks, and then, as the evening drew to a close, a bonfire, jumping on the  trampoline and playing on the swing set. As we all celebrated the joy of family life, there was a lot of laughter and talking that followed each actiMmmm! This is so good - I think I'll stuff my mouth with it!vity. The evening ended close to midnight, but thSweet sisters enjoying the snacks e memories of the evening will last for a long time!!

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for taking the time to  start such an exciting, family-centered tradition in our home! A few of the 60 people :)

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”