John and his little people  :)Two weeks ago, we had the immense pleaJohn investing into our little ones again - this time coloring with them!sure of visiting with the Dalrymple family for 27 –too-short hours! It was a little spur of the moment, but our time together was full of fellowship, group games, music, and just plain fun! OnePracticing one of our favorite songs that they did: "A Higher Call" of the greatest  blessings of the weekend was getting to listen as they practiced and performed musicRachel and Titus with  voice, violin, viola, cello, flute, and piano. Listening to them was a little taste of what  heaven must be like: continual praise and glory to our Heavenly Father!! Thank you, Dalrymples, for your Rachel and JessiwilliTitus and "Uncle Mark" :)ngness to be used to  encourage so many  around you with your music! Can’t wait till next time!!!!!


 Mark, Hannah, and Kathryn

Playing "Tackle John" ??






Dalrymples and Neelys! :)