Daniel reading to the little onesAbout 28 hours after the Conns left, 🙁 we had the joy of Just a little taste of the Staddon family JOYhosting the Staddon family for a few days!! While passing through on their way back to West  Virginia, they blessed us by spending their Donald and TitusNew Year’s Eve with us! It would take hours to tell about all of the JOYFUL activities that took  place; but we’ll spare you theJames and Jonathan time and just give a few highlights. 🙂

– watching “The Star of  Bethlehem” and then discussing James and Hermanthe incredible power, sovereignty, majesty, and wisdom of our Creator

– playing many games, including Dutch Blitz, Occupation,Having some fun with the hats Catan, Duck-Duck-Goose, Swap, Kings-and-Peasants, etc. 

– listening to the Staddon family practice beautiful family harmony – with voice (esp. the quintet 🙂 ), piano, violin, and Do you need an explanation?handbells

– getting to feed many large appetites 🙂Esther and Susanna

– spending quality times around the table, reading the Bible, relating our most embarrassing moments, sharing spiritual insights, singing, laughing, Our beautiful gingerbread house...writing  The quintet - about to let forth a powerful song of praise!lists of everything else we wanted to do, etc. 🙂

-gaining experience and knowledge regarding photography and operating a website and blog (special thanks to Amanda and Esther excitedly planning how to wisely invest their resources on the island of CatanJames and Robert!)

– staying up to a record time of 4:00 a.m. on New... in a ruined heap!  Years  Eve

blowing up our gingerbread house

  Well, needless to say, when the “Staddon  Another team in CatanWagon” pulled out of our driveway on Friday, we were left with a sense of loss but also one of having been wonderfully refreshed! One   particular thing we appreciate about the Staddon family is their Everyone fit around the same table!constant JOY!! (That comes from having Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.) Whether in helping prune our fruit trees, eating a peanut butter ball, helping  clear the table, or playing Catan, they constantly had smiles and words of encouragement!  Thank you, Staddons!


James, David, Herman, and Lauren... headed for the creek in the "Big Red Mule"! (Now, don't panic... James was a good driver and turned off before he got there! :) )Note: Go James! Taking the famous Grass Sled ride For more stories and  pictures, please visit the Staddons’ blog!! (We promise, it’ll be worth it just to see the incredible gingerbread-house-explosion shots!!!)Michael, Esther, and Jessi

Staddon family