Wow! What can you say after a week of incredible preaching, inspiring music, Amanda, Martha, and Jessicafun activities, and refreshing fellowship?? That is what we experienced this past week. Amanda, Kathryn, and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Wilds Music Conference with some friends, Katie Hornor and Martha Guzman. This was something that we have all dreamed about doing for several years, but it has never worked out for a number of reasons. It was really exciting to see how the Lord Mrs. Katie and Kathrynorchestrated every little detail to make it actually happen.

After packing what seemed to be an enormous amount of luggage, we loaded our little green van, said our goodbyes, and left to pick up our friends. We then headed over the mountain, bound for the Wilds. We were looking forward to the week ahead. We knew that we would be spiritually refreshed, and thought that  we would get rested physically. What a joke!! But more about that later. 🙂

The key-note speaker was Dr. Jim Binney – a powerful preacher who we have now been privileged to hear twice, once at a family camp held at the Wilds. Mac Lynch, Mark Herbster, Tim Fisher, Matt Herbster, Ron Hamilton, and Mike Herbster  - singing There were also other men who spoke, such as Matt Herbster, Ron Hamilton, and Tim Fisher. Topics included the fear of the Lord, praising God through trials, seeing God’s beauty, forgiveness and confession, having a vision for the impossible, and the sufficiency of God. The messages were all inspiring and encouraging. We would go back to our room at night and discuss them all over again, talking about what we’d learned and what stood out to us in the sessions. Most nights, the Kathryn, Jessica, and Amanda with a new friend, Christina Fisherdiscussions carried us well past 1:00am!!

During the day, we enjoyed fellowship with other musicians and music pastors, whether it was between sessions, while eating the wonderful meals prepared by the Wilds kitchen staff, or sipping delicious concoctions in the famous CoolBeans coffee shop! We also did a lot of our fellowship while walking, because there was a lot of that to do to get from session to session to meal to back to the dorm, etc. 🙂 Our schedule was extremely busy (activities were planned from 7:45 a.m. until 10:30 or 11:00 p.m.!), not allowing for the We were just slightly tired... maybe a little groggy too?? :)physical rest we had thought would take place, but from the beginning we were all immensely spiritually refreshed! We came home with more musical knowledge, a  whole list of challenging things we each needed to change in our relationships with others and our walks with the Lord, gobs of new music, and several new friends. The Lord is good! Praise His name!

By the way, if you are involved in sacred music in any way, we highly encourage you to check out the Wilds Music Conference for 2011!