Susanna, Victoria, Hannah, and Jessica When Amanda, Jessica, and I got home from the Kathryn, Bethany, Lauren (nice face mask you have there! :) ), and HermanWilds, the skies had dumped a regular blizzard on our area and our front hill was perfect for sledding! (Keep in mind a “good snow” for our area is about four inches! Ha ha!) The rest of the Team  had already had quite the time out there enjoying it with some of the Ready for a ride!neighbors, and they had great tales to tell and  wanted us to experience it too.Yay! Titus is going! So… on our  first night home, out we all went – even Titus and even though it was only 10 degrees – and what a time we had! We started at the top of the hill and were able to fly to about 15 -20 feet from the creek! (Come see us to completely understand the Neely geography.) Amanda, Hannah, Lauren, Herman, and BethanyThe newest mode of snow-transportation - on a shovel! Very creative! :) Several people did it so many times that the shovel broke! :)It’s a wonderful blessing that we didn’t go any further – it was a little too cold to take a refreshing dunk in the stream. 🙂 The evening was lots of fun and made a lot of funny family  memories! Hurray for the snow!!