Preparing for the grand rendition of "Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego" After a long six months of waiting, the Daniel & Titus spent a lot of time playing the pianoWilkes Team was finally able to make it   down to North Carolina! The meeting, after  so long, was, on a small scale, what our meeting in  Heaven will surely be like  when we meet Sarah and Kathryn - it was snowing!all of  Gggrrrrrrrrrrrr :)our loved ones, and most importantly, our dear Savior! We are thankful for such encouraging, uplifting friends with whom we can fellowship.

  Hmmm... what can we say to explain this one??One of the blessings of being around the Wilkes Team is their constant pointing  of everything back to the Lord. In our fast-paced world, it is very easy to take our The mighty giants with their preyeyes off Christ and become distracted with temporal cares. They are a living example of the  principle found in Proverbs 3:6 – the command to acknowledge God in everything we Looks like the "king's" (Herman's) "herald" (Matthew) was shocked about something!!do. Even in games, at the table, or just simply laughing over a funny incident, when we are with the Wilkes Team there is almost always a   comment, story, analogy, or special insight that  turns everyone’s hearts and minds back to our all-mighty Creator. What a  desirable testimony to have!

Much of our time during the weekend was spent praying Accurate Innovations does a huge variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Daniel wasn't too crazy about the pink and green laminate one! :) about and planning for FEW conference planning - what a joy!NC Family Encouragement Weekend conference,  which will, Lord willing, be taking place near our home on March 26-27. What a blessing it was to Ready... aim... DON'T FIRE at the photographer!give ideas, plan, organize,  and just Titus immediately warmed up to Mr. Wilkes - they enjoyed their "man-talk" about oranges and clementines :)work together to accomplish the common goal  of getting everything in order for this upcoming ministry opportunity.

One of the fun points of their visit happened rather unexpectedly on SaturdayThe rich, snooty ladies and the old servant in the skit we did for children's choir Herman and Adamafternoon. Someone came down after looking out our upstairs window and announced that something had been caught in Herman’s live-trap. Several went and looked again, More actors...discovering that it  was a cat. Upon  closer observation, it was  realized that we had actually caught a young female bobcat!! "Daniel" (a.k.a. Mark Christopher) faithfully prayingWe enjoyed looking at it, hearing it growl and snarl a gracious plenty for our liking. 🙂 A "King Darius" and two of his soldierslittle later, a trapper/friend who sells animal pelts  came and took care of it for us.

The lions!  Sunday evening all of the young people worked together to act out a silent  demonstration of Daniel and the Lion’s Den for the parents. Jessi, Daniel, and Kenan - one of the teams when we played occupation. (If you look close, it appears that something embarrassing just happened to Kenan! :) )Complete with  everything Titus and Daniel were the servants of the king who delivered his messagesfrom  nobles, townspeople, a king, the king’s page, soldiers, and even lions, we had a blast and made quite a few side-splittingly-hilarious Story time with Matthew!memories.

We love you, Wilkes Team, and pray God’s richest  blessings on you for your faithful service to Him and  others. Looking forward to many more such times  together!   

The next generation of arrows - is that really only two families??!