After spending an entire afternoon cleaning out our “home away from home” a couple years ago, Amanda and I penned this giggle instigator. 🙂 For a long time it hung on our van window. I just happened to spend another entire afternoon The Neely Team "Land Yacht" - truly our "home away from home" :)cleaning it again today, and I remembered it, so I decided to hang it up again and then share it with all of you. Have fun! (BTW, feel free to use this in your own cars. It is a humorous way to get people to think about the mess they are leaving in their area, and hopefully change their ways. 🙂 )

Rules for Travel

If you wish to take a journey

In this family van of ours,

You must memorize these principles

To preserve the happy hours:

1. If you spill crumbs on the floor-board

You must brush them all away

In consideration of the ones

Who cleaned it yesterday.

2. Be sure you never touch the windows

With a sticky, greasy finger

Because the nasty stain you leave

Will always seem to linger.

3. If you want some entertainment

As we travel the world around

You must put it in a tidy bag

Not exceeding twenty pounds.

4. When you wish for something to eat or drink

Don’t ask in a whiny way.

Take a moment to stop and think

What you are going to say.

5. The secret for a peaceful van

Is “Never scream or yell.”

Be sure to consider others’ ears

When you have something to tell.

6. The last rule (certainly not least)

When you board this van of brown

Is put on your best smile

And leave behind your frown.