On Thursday we had the privilege of attending the graduation of our cousin Austin from the Bob Jones Academy. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lot of great family time at his reception. Enjoy the pictures!!

Austin and Jessi - Class of 2010!!!

Congratulations, Austin!! We're glad we could share in your special day!

A special note of encouragement that Austin wrote to his classmates Pleasing both to the eye and to the stomach!!The best invention for serving punch we have ever seen!! Just stick your cup under the fountain!

Austin and Daddy - Buds... BEST BUDS!!A fellow photographer :) (Our cousin Neali - Austin's sister)

We got to see Christina Fisher again - she went to school with Austin.Herman, Berty, and Sunny - great buddies!!

Austin TimothyWe ALL enjoyed the chocolate fondue fountain - Mmmmmm!More yummy food!