Back a couple years ago, we would go every Friday and cook lunch for the guys working at the plant. There was an abundance of work, and they were having to work overtime. It was definitely a season of bounty. We loved preparing the food for them. Quite often, we would make a family trip to do the grocery shopping on Thursday night, then come home and do as much of the prep work as we could. Then on Friday, we would load up the van and head to Andrews Truss, Inc. It was a fun family activity, and a unique ministry opportunity.

Well, since the turn of the economy, we haven’t been able to do it. We’ve certainly been blessed with some work, but its rare to have people working overtime.

That’s why it was so exciting to hear the news when Daddy came home one night a few weeks ago and told us we were going to cook! There were squeals of delight! A really neat factor, is that when we were in NY, we older ones had spent some time praying with our cousin, and one request mentioned was the need for more work. And what do you know, the very next week we were cooking because there was a need for the guys to work overtime. What a testimony of how God answers prayers! And what an encouragement to keep praying!

A finished jobA fantanstic cook! :-)A great chef teamEveryone gathered, enjoying the mealFriendsWorkers diligently building Mmmmm.... look what's cookin' :-)IMG_0794Going through the lineIMG_0813IMG_0797New forklift drivers