Last week Daddy and Mommy went on a date, and so us little kids played outside with Kitty. We played like we were from the old days. We had a covered wagon and a horse to pull it (and that was Victoria 🙂 ). Kitty was the mom and all of us had funny names and were her children. My pretend name was Eliza Jane. We got water from the spring and drank it out of an old ice cream bucket with a dipper. Then we used other buckets and filled them with freezing cold water. Then we washed our faces and hands with real soap! Then we dried them with a towel. Later Kitty said that we could stand in the buckets and pretend to take baths. We got our clothes a little wet, except Titus, who got soaked! Later we got to eat cobbler in the grass with whipped cream! Yummy! 🙂 We had lots of fun!

We did our hair and washed up!  The water was yummy I (Eliza Jane) dried my face "Mary" and "Nelly" We played with the grass too... ... and we ran around. Eating cobbler "Nelly" liked the water We took good care of our horse, "Bess." "Royal" enjoyed his food "The mom" and a very dirty "Royal" "Almanzo" enjoying a ride behind "Bess"