Jesus said, "I am the Door."

While we know that it was God’s sovereign plan for Jesus to die for our sins, and that some will be saved while others reject Christ, we also have to recognize that we are responsible for our decisions. Although God planned every detail of the world, Judas wasn’t forced to choose to betray Christ, and his story should be a fearful warning to those who think they can live in their own strength.


A chosen few were picked by God

To walk beside His Son on Earth,

But one man of the honored twelve,

Refused to see the Savior’s worth.

What went through the schemer’s mind

When silver clanked into his hands?

How strongly Satan’s greed took hold

And tightened its enslaving bands!

The stage was set, the night was dark,

To veil the traitor’s treach’rous deed.

God withheld His mighty pow’r,

To let Satan’s plan succeed.

What searing guilt the apostate felt

When his murderous act was done!

His screaming conscience took his life;

For he’d betrayed God’s perfect Son.

He stood for three years at the brink

Of Grace’s free, o’erflowing Well;

But he who kissed the Door of Heaven

Spends eternity in Hell.


Still the Tempter lives today

Within the hearts of wicked men

Who will not turn to Christ for help,

And lack the strength to fight their sin.

It was for all that Jesus died –

He bore our punishment in full

That we might have eternal life,

Beloved by God, forgiven, whole.

We’re just as faithless as the man

Who his Lord and Friend betrayed,

If we turn from Jesus and ignore

The redemption price He paid.

The power of the Evil One

Was crushed when Jesus gave His life;

He broke the curse of sin and death —

Our vict’ry through His sacrifice!

You’re given opportunity,

And although some will still rebel,

Do not kiss the Door of Heaven,

Yet spend eternity in Hell.