Last Saturday we walked a 5-K as a family! It was good exercise, nice family time, and a lot of fun.

Mommy and Sunny walking the 5-K - we didn't get very many pictures because we were too busy walking :)IMG_1702 (2)The path went along a river, and some ducks were there

Later that afternoon, we went to Wayah Bald. After we ate supper, Mommy, Susanna, Herman, Belle, Berty, and I played Hide-and-Seek in a section of tall grass with huge rocks in the middle on the very top of the mountain. I thought it was more fun to hide than to seek because the rocks and grass made tons of good spots. I also walked a tiny bit of the Appalachian trail with Amanda, Susanna, Herman, and Berty (it came across Wayah Bald). That was fun too!

The Neely Team - on Wayah Bald

Amanda looked for herbs :)Daddy fixing a yummy lunchA happy family

A tired sleeper :)Mommy was a good hider!!


On the way back down, we stopped at some buildings that  park rangers used back in the early 1900’s. There was a two-story cabin with two chimneys and front and back doors, a barn, and a small outhouse. In the yard in front of the cabin, we found a bird’s nest in a clump of grass! We have been learning about birds in science, so we enjoyed getting to see what we have been reading about in person.

The cabin"Knock knock!'"Dor logd" (door locked :))The boysMommy and Belle

The bird's nest

Daddy and Amanda getting some sasafrasMommy, Kathryn, and me

Two friendsAmanda picked herbs while Hannah "read" to her to make sure she got the right ones :) :)

Amanda let us help herIMG_1763 (2)

I really enjoyed having a day together as a family!

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

We love being together!