The Lord often blesses us with times of refreshment and encouragement as we strive to serve Him in the corner of the world where He has placed us. Like-minded families may seem few and far between, but the refreshment of gatherings is hard to describe! Times like these are what could be termed “recharges.” Just as a battery gets low, our “fellowship meters” often are in need of charging.

We had such a weekend when the Barnes family came for a visit. Puzzles, trampoline, guitar, meaningful conversations, National Ice Cream Day…. it was definitely a weekend not soon to be forgotten!! Thank you, Barnes family, for your joy and love for our Lord!

Music sessions were a blast!Playing Frisbee :-)Ready for consumption :-)Delicious!Several of the Barnes are great photographers :-)IMG_3761Sometimes life may seem long or the way steep, but the Lord only requires us to take the next step, by faith.IMG_3755FriendsFellowshipIMG_3812Two families