Well, once again we have hit the road, and life just never seems to stop. We praise the Lord for the safety He has given as we “wear out” the highways. From home, to Maryland, to Virginia, back home, back to Virginia, to South Carolina, and finally home…. all of this in twelve days, the Lord’s mercy has been evident. But, it is not over yet. We have more places to go, more people to see, more things to do. The Lord has prepared the way before us, and has given us many wonderful hours of road time to catch up on sleep, to do some reading, and just to enjoy being close together as a family (literallySmile).

After being in the van for several hours, we find it necessary to release some energy and get some exercise. Frisbee and football are great ways to get these two things accomplished. Smile We love traveling, and look forward to the next trip… which happens to be real soon. Smile 

“The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety is of the Lord.”

Our big rigIMG_5595IMG_5600Catching the FrisbeeIMG_5598IMG_5609IMG_5611IMG_5610IMG_5616IMG_5619IMG_5617IMG_5620IMG_5621IMG_4155