Recently Victoria and I got some new hardware!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?? Maybe you should try it too. Having it really is a blast!

Well, I guess before you make any decisions, as in all things, you should be well informed. This hardware is small… shiny (most of the time Smile)…very productive… has many parts and important terminology… are attached to those supposed-to-be-white-and-pearly thingys in your mouth… but can cause quite a bit of pain and are usually expensive.


Anyway… we are really enjoying having braces together! Some people dread them, but we were both terrifically excited and have not been disappointed. It’s been so fun!

The morning after I got them put on, though, I was spending my time with the Lord and a thought struck me. I was still getting used to them, as you can imagine. Every time I moved my mouth, ate, drank, brushed my teeth, said anything… I was reminded of these pieces of metal now semi-permanently glued to my teeth. At that moment I thought: “These are a pretty important to me. But how can God get glory from braces????”

1 Corinthians 10:31: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

“Everything in my life is supposed to bring God glory. Eating and drinking can… braces are a lot bigger deal than eating a meal… I know they can too…… but how??”

I started thinking and came up with several different ways that the Lord could potentially get glory from braces! It sounds strange, almost goofy, but if you really stop and ponder it, Scripture teaches that we were created for God’s glory. It follows, then, that everything we do should fulfill that purpose, including the little things!


IMG_7640The first reason I discovered is found in the analogies that can be drawn. Braces cause pain, but that pain produces positive results. It is the same in our hearts. In His gracious sovereignty, the Lord will take us through painful circumstances and trials to draw us closer to Himself and conform us more into His likeness.

Second, having braces together has strengthened Victoria’s and my relationship as we can discover helpful tips, go through similar feelings, and can just relate better because of having yet another thing in common. A special sort of comradery is fostered. (We recommend dual-braces within a family – Amanda and Jessica did it too!)

Third, braces can help to develop patience. You must wait. It takes time to get your teeth straight after years and years of crooked-tivity! (new word Winking smile

Fourth, braces made me realize how easy it is to get annoyed at little, insignificant things when I’m in constant pain and helped me find the right response. I realized I had to identify the root of the annoyance and seek the Lord in an “SOS” call to receive His help to respond in love and gentleness.

Fifth, we should desire the gaze of others to be drawn to our face, which should glow with the joy of the Lord. Braces help the appearance of the face to be more appealing!

Sixth, braces don’t happen by yourself. You have to come in contact with people Smile… thus presenting another opportunity to shine the Light of Christ into the life of another!


I’m sure you could think of others; those are just the ones that came to mind. But… if we really were created for God’s glory, then why don’t we think more often about how to accomplish that end in the little things? Mr. Dan Horn once described the glory of God as “the indispensible center” of our lives. Do our thoughts, words, motives, and actions communicate that it is such?