(written by Susanna and Lauren)

When we went to Grandmama’s house for Thanksgiving, we picked up pecans at a friend’s orchard. Here are some thing’s that we learned:

The pecans grow on huge trees (about 3 feet in diameter).

They use a shaker on a tractor to shake the trees. (It has huge “arms” about 4 feet off the ground to shake it.)

We picked our pecans up by hand…and filled buckets and bags. But the man who owned the orchard did have a gatherer that would rake the pecans up and fill burlap bags.

Once gathered, the pecans are dumped on to a sorter that blew out the sticks, leaves, and empty shells.

After we got them gathered we took them to a business that cracks pecans. They set the machine to the size of our pecans and then it cracked every single pecan one at a time.

After they were cracked, we picked the nut out of the shells. A good return is 50%! If you gather 20 pounds, you’ve done well if you have 10 pounds left to eat.

TeamworkThis is fun!

Kathryn and GrandmamaMany hands make light work!

Samuel, Lauren, and Uncle FudgeHappy Helper

The Pecan King - Dad LOVES pecans! Susanna

Happy Helper #2The tractor is fastinating!

Uncle John (The working clown!)More happy helpers

Austin, Hannah, Bethany, and NateFun, fun, fun!

Sisters :)The tree shaker

IMG_7834The pecan gatherer. It rakes up the nuts and pours them into the burlap bag.

The pecan sorterA wealth of nuts

Making sure the sorter did a good job :)IMG_7854

The end of the pecan sorter

The nut-cracker was also fascinating!The nut-cracker cracking one pecan

The new entertainment centerWorking......

... together!Picking pecans

When you harvest pecans, you must show diligence. It is good to remember this verse: 🙂

“…if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thess. 3:10