It had been too long since we’d been to NY to visit Mom’s mom and see extended family. Thankfully, even though we hadn’t been up there in a year and a half, we had still seen everyone a couple times…. it had just been south of NY. But all of us Neelys were very excited when Mom and Dad told us we were planning a trip north right after Christmas!! It is such a joy to be able to visit with family, have meaningful conversations, work together, and just enjoy being together!! We are so blessed to have family we can talk over spiritual matters with. It was a time of “iron sharpening iron” and “brethren dwelling together in unity!”

Meaningful conversationsTeamwork --- precious!Sadie-Pup

It was funny.... :)RelaxingGame time -- such fun!Firewood crewThe official "bucket brigade"CousinsStory timeChat time - Aunt Joanna, Mom, Aunt Lisa, Aunt LaurieDad and Uncle Darrell working togetherPile-up on the couchNicole and Aunt Lisa working on the next mealCopper and a friend

IMG_8358IMG_8366IMG_8368Dad and Mom

Supper timeThe kids' tableThe other end of one of the kids' tableNana gave everyone a noise maker -- what fun memories!Nana's delight at the noise makers she had just passed out! :DIMG_8394I think it was funny... :)Playing "Occupations" The younger ones played for hours -- it was so sweet!Strolling through the treesJessi and Sam -- friendsThe tree-trimming crew.... or most of it.