A few weeks back Mrs. Tammy, a sweet friend of ours, came over for two days and instructed Amanda, Jessi, and I in beginning haircutting! For a while we have been wanting to learn this skill to bless our family and our future families. It was fun, educational, and character-building – it was great character training for Mrs. Tammy, anyway, who learned more about patience in those two mornings than she probably has in a while! 

Thank you, Mrs. Tammy, for so willingly giving of your time and expertise! You truly model the verse from Matthew 10: “… freely ye have received, freely give…”

101: Practice with the mannequins

By the way, your victims must have names, so let me introduce you to Ventura, Charalina, and Jemima. Winking smile

Beginning cutting... the hair started out really long, and we practiced straight cuts and under cuts)To get a straight cut, your arms should be parallel to the hair... as you can see, that skill wasn't my forte... :/... but Amanda did a pretty good job with it

Lovely! :DL to R: Kathryn and Ventura, Amanda and Charalina, Jessica and Jemima :D

102: Practice with the mannequins and the live mannequins

(Special thanks to our dear brothers for being such great guinea-pigs! Smile)


When you are finished... the mannequin is bald and you have a mess to clean upLearning bangs and increased layeringIMG_8816-1


A uniform layered cut that would normally be done on curly hairNow for the live mannequins! They're so much more handsome!"Hmmmm..."

"... I'm not too sure...""... about this live mannequin stuff!"Tapering the back with clippers