A few weeks ago we were blessed by a brief-but-oh-so-wonderful visit from Nana, Aunt Lisa, and three of our cousins!! They squeezed us in on their route to SC to see one of our other cousins at college, and it was truly a joy to be with them for a few days.

First moments – – spent in catching up Smile


The fellowship continued!

100_8093Enjoying the lovely weather

Dad had to work, but we were able to meet him for a picnic lunch at a nearby rest area. Smile

Clown!"Look what I found!""Follow me..."

"This spot looks like a nice hideout":-D

A couple rounds of “Bible Runners” – – and we must give congratulations, reluctant though they be, to the “secret police”! (who almost never win, but through an unusual amount of sneaky perseverance made this game one-of-a-kind!)

Good job you three!

One of the biggest highlights of the time together was a late-night cousin prayer meeting in the woods. An excellent suggestion on the part of a certain individual led to a sweet hour of sharing requests with each other around the campfire and then presenting those needs to the Lord. What a privilege to not only have a close bond as family, but also as fellow believers! Praise the Lord! 

Friends forever

Investing in the little ones100_8184

Build strong family relationships -- they last forever.

Quite the couch full!

Thank you, Nana and Conns, for including us in your trip! May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek Him first, bringing Him glory in every endeavor. We love you!

"God be with you till we meet again..."