A couple weeks ago we took a journey to South Georgia to visit Grandmama and Uncle Fudge. While we were there we did some projects, two of which were cleaning pecans and removing a dead pecan tree out of the yard. It was good to spend some time with grandparents and other family.

It was a monstrous-sized project — 160 pounds of pecans. Do you know just how many that is? Approximately 19 gallon bags of shelled nuts. Just plain deliciousness. Smile


Making a cake togetherIMG_3084By the end of the weekend, it didn't look so pretty. :)

Cuddle time on the swing with "Uncle Fudge"Pecan Pickin' PartyWhere's "Uncle Fudge?" :)

This huge pecan tree has been in there for many, many years. We older ones remember gathering pecans from this beautiful tree. Dad and Grandpapa would hit the branches with long bamboo poles, making the nuts fall to the ground, then we would all crawl around on the leaf-y ground gathering them into buckets. Fond memories of special times together. The tree was struck by lightning over 10 years ago, and the time had come that it was too dangerous to leave it standing. It was sad to see it fall, but we’re so thankful that it came down without any dangerous complications. Praise the Lord!

"TIMBER!!"There was a sigh of relief after it hit the ground -- so thankful it fell safely.

Mom driving the tractor that was attached to the rope that we brought from home that was tied to the tree that was struck by lightning Clearing the branches

Taking a much-needed break for a quick drink of refreshing waterIMG_3112