Shortly after the FEW Conference, Dad and Herman left VA to head back home so Dad could be at work bright and early on Monday, but the rest of us headed north to visit Nana, Uncle Dan, Aunt Lisa, and our four wonderful cousins. The purpose of the trip: to trim somewhere between 4000-5000 Christmas trees that are thriving on the family farm! We did not know how long it would take, what would happen, what kinds of creatures we might find hidden in the tall grass or conveniently lodged in the branches of the evergreens, or how exhausting it might be, but we stepped out out together and tackled the job, trusting the Lord to go before us and prepare the way for all that He wanted us to accomplish.

And He did. Looking back, we gratefully marvel at the goodness of God in protecting us from tractor and equipment accidents and major issues with bees, in providing 5 days of constant sunshine without unbearable heat, and in giving us such a joyous time of fellowship together. 

Thanks to Mom’s great planning and organizational skills, we were able to work out a basic routine to follow that maximized the progress by placing our work times at our strongest points of the day, provided delicious meals with minimal prep time, and declared a mandatory afternoon rest. Smile Thus, the days went by smoothly and oh too quickly as we all enjoyed the process of such exhausting, but rewarding, work.

The first day -- headed out back to begin the mammoth undertaking!IMG_0765

Cleaning out hardwoods from under the evergreensMuch of the team agreed that LARGE SNIPS were the best way to trim trees...

... others preferred machetes. :)IMG_0766



Farm dogOur mowing queen for the week

To watch David and Brian take leadership and manage the work that went on was a blessing to us all. Their knowledge of the equipment was invaluable, and, too, they made the most amazing machinery maintenance and repair team we’ve ever seen (and we certainly needed it! Winking smile).


Discipleship tractor drivingFarm girl

Good work, Team! Praise the Lord!

At the close of the week, we took dinner to the lake and spent the evening relaxing together and flitting across the water in the Uncle Dan and Aunt Lisa’s kayaks.

IMG_0828A special brother and sister moment -- relationships are so important!


IMG_1548Sweet moments

IMG_1561Dinner around the lake -- the perfect close to a delightful week!

Cousins -- friends --IMG_1579

Other random shots from the week:


Picking plumsIMG_1521

A final mowing blitz on the tractorsIMG_1534

We rejoice in the mercy and goodness of the Lord in granting such a productive, delightful week. We love you, our dear family, and look forward with great anticipation to our next work adventure together!