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New Release! Tasty Traditions

Posted by The Neely Team



With much excitement, we are grateful to announce the soon release of Tasty Traditions!



Step into the kitchen of a family of twelve, and enjoy some of the same taste sensations that have been their favorites for over 25 years. With over 400 recipes, this collection will bring fresh vibrancy to your every-day meal times. Gather round the table with your family and friends, and enjoy delightful and delicious feasts together!

  • over 400 recipes
  • easy-to-read layout
  • plastic cover on front and back for convenience and durability in the kitchen
  • spiral binding

To preorder your copy today for $24.99 (free shipping), pay via PayPal ([email protected]) or send a check to:

The Neely Team
PO Box 1486
Andrews, NC 28901

7 Responses to “New Release! Tasty Traditions”

  1. Thelma Kerr Says:

    How exciting! It looks wonderful!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to use some of these family favorites again!!! 😀 😀

  3. Olivia Marie Meggs Says:

    Way to go Neely Team! I had no idea you were working on this so I was a bit surprised when it came on my follow blog page….I thought I had signed up for the wrong thing!
    (and seriously, white chocolate chex is like the best thing EVER. Period.)

  4. Patience Says:


  5. Aunt Joanna Says:

    Great! Save me one. I want it if they all have zero calories.

  6. Elise Meggs Says:

    Wow! Neely team! I like to cook and I have been putting together my own cook book for personal uses myself!
    Your cook book looks great! New ideas pop out from the seams at your house!

  7. The Childress Family Says:

    Yay! How exciting! I am so happy for your family that you’ve put this cookbook together. And happy for our family that we get the benefit of it. 🙂

    Janet Childress

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