Today is a work day around here. As the end of January rapidly approaches, we are all frantically (well, maybe not… we really are trying hard to be graceful about it all Winking smile) scrambling to accomplish many of the goals and projects that we assigned to ourselves this month.

And this is such a perfect day to do it! The LORD has blessed with lovely sunshine today and after a good night’s rest, we are all feeling quite energetic.

Particularly two of us.

Mom and I were in the kitchen a few minutes ago, working on various projects such as canning chicken broth and dried beans (separately, I might add… lest you think we were canning soup), catching up on communications, organizing some paperwork for our music studio, cutting out fabric for some Thera-pit-ic pacs, etc. A few of the younger girls prepared a snack for everyone, and so in came the crew that has been working outside.

Now, for those of you who are unaware of this little family fact, before proceeding with my story, I first have to let you know that we had six girls before we had our first little man. Then two more precious little girls, and the LORD topped it all off with another little man. Each one of my siblings is a precious blessing from the LORD, but today… it is the two little men I will focus on.

Anyway, the work crew came in to enjoy their little snack. Now, being a lady, my mental processes unconsciously run something along the lines of “when someone has been working outside all morning and into the afternoon in the chilly weather, hanging insulation, moving heavy objects, etc., they will be tired.”

I guess my mental assumption is probably correct for most ladies.

For my dear brothers, it is most certainly NOT.

As these precious guys gave us the pleasure of their presence in the house, just a step back to observe them made Mom and I both laugh. Jumping up and down… coming sliding, almost diving, into the kitchen when asked to come carry canning boxes to the basement, and then literally bounding back up the stairs after the job was complete… eagerly chattering about the importance of putting electrical tape over the band-aid on your finger when you cut yourself because the tape is more waterproof and keeps the band-aid from sliding off… and on and on.

They certainly didn’t come in quietly and sit down, lean back a bit in their chairs, relax… after hours of hard physical labor, their energy stores appeared entirely untapped!

Energy… they are just bursting with it.

And what a beautiful thing! These little men (one of them, not so little anymore… since he is stronger than I am and knows the minute details about a host of things that just leave me in bewildered amazement) are preparing for the day when they will lead their own homes.

They will need that extra energy to work all day to provide for their families and then come home, have a wrestling match on the floor with their own little men, and then talk late into the night with their brides.

They will need it when they are called upon to stand for Christ in the public arena.

They will need it when they have to take dominion of farmland, complex technical issues, building projects, etc.

They will need it when they must rise up yet again at some unearthly hour to minister to someone that is hurting or needy.

They are men in development…

and I have the blessed privilege – particularly in this phase of life, when they are so near to me – of watching the process.

It truly is a marvel… and one for which I am immensely grateful.