A humble spirit is something that everyone, including myself, needs every day. If I have my focus where it needs to be – on Christ, the perfect example of humility – then I am less apt to have a proud spirit, and more likely to have a day full of joy. On the other hand, if I am proud, then I will probably, at some point, end up grumpy, and struggle much throughout the day.

Here are some questions that I have found helpful to ask myself when I am struggling:

1. “Am I having a hard time because someone is not doing something I think they should? Can I not fully trust God with this circumstance in my life?” God says to rest in Him, and it takes humility to do so, knowing that He does indeed know best in every situation.

2. “Do I have a bad attitude because I am not submitting to the Lord?” Your day will continue on in a bad way, unless you are willing to have a humble spirit, and submit whatever is irritating you to your Lord. “… God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” James 1:4

3. “Have I done something wrong that I  have not confessed?” Keeping sin in your life is evidence of pride, but confessing your wrong-doing to the person you offended, and to the Lord, can put your day back on the right track and will bring true joy to your heart. With no sin burdening you down you can continue on singing and praising the Lord. “O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise…” Psalm 108:1

4. “Is this conflict because of pride in my life?” Dr. S.M. Davis once said, “There is not contention without pride.” We cannot bring honor and glory to our God if we are proud about something we have accomplished, and often that kind of pride creates contention with those around us. We must get our focus off of ourselves, and onto Christ and what He has accomplished. May we continually be praising Him. “Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.” Psalm 106:1

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