Discipleship game time – a great chance for the little ones to release their wiggles and for the older ones to invest into their lives! Such sweet memories are made.

2015 NC FEW-124

2015 NC FEW-1272015 NC FEW-106

2015 NC FEW-732015 NC FEW-71

2015 NC FEW-175

2015 NC FEW-1492015 NC FEW-59

2015 NC FEW-612015 NC FEW-62

2015 NC FEW-57

2015 NC FEW-1222015 NC FEW-125

2015 NC FEW-1352015 NC FEW-79

2015 NC FEW-762015 NC FEW-84

2015 NC FEW-1212015 NC FEW-54