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Daniel & Kathryn’s Wedding Pictures!

Posted by The Neely Team



160716-Jessica Neely-4421

How great is the goodness, mercy, and love of our Lord!

160716-James Staddon-6627-JLStudios-160716

160716-James Staddon-5338-JLStudios-160716

160716-Katie Wilson--67-JLStudios-160716

160716-James Staddon-5313-JLStudios-160716

160716-James Staddon-5250-JLStudios-160716

To God be the glory! Great things He hath done!

2 Responses to “Daniel & Kathryn’s Wedding Pictures!”

  1. victoria Says:

    It was such a beautiful wedding. I know you must miss your dear sweet daughter so much but what a blessing to see a new Christian family formed. We look forward to seeing what God will do through these newlyweds as they go forward in life together.

  2. Nathaniel Darnell Says:

    Congratulations, Kathryn, Daniel, and Neelys! Looks splendid. Praise the Lord!

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