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Quebec FEW 2017–A Pictorial Review

Posted by The Neely Team



2 Responses to “Quebec FEW 2017–A Pictorial Review”

  1. A busy summer | Frazer Family Says:

    […] a family, we were really blessed. Hosting a¬†FEW conference made for a very busy summer, but it was well worth it! We praise the Lord for the FEW team’s […]

  2. Donald S. Says:

    Praise the Lord. His ways are international. The first “international FEW Conference” was actually long, long ago when a family from Canada visited for a FEW in Virginia. Since then Canadians have been back and forth across the border many times . . . . But how much more thrilling it was to have the FEW right there in Canada for them–or I should say with them. In every corner, basic needs show themselves in different ways. That makes it both an honor and a challenge to adapt specific, timeless topics to the situations and cultural differences in each locale. The response of the families at the Quebec FEW was a refreshment to us. They are so full of faith. The things we learned as a team will be valuable in future conferences and the memories made there will remain with us for a long time because, after all, it was a first!

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