“Being a mother is dangerous. Mothers get stepped on, sneezed on, coughed on, barfed on. Their heads get hit by flying bears and balls. Their toes attract runaway bike wheels and dropped cast-iron skillets. Their ears have narrow escapes from little people whizzing butcher knives by for inspection — ‘THIS is the knife you wanted, Mama?’ 

“Mothers get sat on and stomped on by little lassies in their laps. They get run into by children playing tag and by boys backing up mowers. They get thumped by reckless pirates and rhinoceros hunters.

“Their minds become unsteady from doors crashing near the breaking point, from witnessing their offspring’s bicycle wrecks, and from grabbing carefree youngsters just before they fall off a cliff. Their bodies wear out from lost sleep, babies who wake every two hours, and children who have bedtime hassles or night wanderings…”

(excerpt from Prayers and Peanut Butter by Barbara Classen)


Our hearts are full of gratitude for all that our sweet Mama has endured for the sake of us, her 10 children. She tirelessly serves, cleans, shovels gravel, spreads mulch, plans menus, hosts guests, shops for groceries prepares meals, drives all over the nation to give us opportunities in music, talks willingly at any hour of the day (or should I say night), teaches, and teaches again…. the list is endless of the seemingly “small” tasks she does on a daily basis without looking for recognition or compensation. She truly lives and does all “for the glory of God!”

We are also thankful for all the other mothers and grandmothers who are daily setting Christ-like examples for the next generation to follow. Wishing all of you mamas a joy filled (and hopefully danger-free) day!