Yes, it’s true – June is here! I’ve been looking forward to June since January. Not wishing my life away in order to get, here, but just knowing that it would be a wonderful month when it arrived. It’s finally here, and three days into it I have not yet been disappointed. 

Here’s why I love June:

  • Spring has matured into summer
  • I still have a good 3 months of summer weather to which I can look forward
  • The spring rush of life has settled (slightly)

Those are a few reasons and actually, I really love June because of what has happened during this month in past years. June is like a second January. In January, we get to reorder our lives after the dust has settled from the holiday activities and consider the goals and plans for a new year. In June I take a little bit of concentrated time to consider where I am and where I need to be going. This has to be done in snatches of precious time because, after all, the spring rush has only slightly settled. Nonetheless, I find that I need this time to refocus on what the Lord may have for me to do. I have really enjoyed using the beautiful planner pages my mother and sister designed to help keep track of everything. If you haven’t used them before, you may just want to download them (FREE!) and give them a try for the rest of the year. But that was a rabbit trail.

Along with checking up on my to-do list and revisiting and revising my goals are also some other and to me, more important things that the new season of growth inspires. Caring for relationships should be one of the most highly prioritized things on anyones list – first our relationship with the Lord, and then with those around us: our family, the elderly, customers and clients (a real ministry!), students, teachers, friends who mentor us and/or who we mentor… the list could go on and on. 

The springboard for all of this is really time with our blessed Lord, which brings me back to another reason why I love June and summer in general. What could be better than slipping out-of-doors for quality time with our Creator in the midst of His beautiful creation? 

As the road of time twists along out of sight, take some time to consider, and perhaps to reconsider. Where are you going? Along the way, enjoy every day that dawns, but especially those in June.